Fall Protection Systems Avoiding a fall hazard is tremendously important; a fall as short as four feet can create a serious situation for personnel. While fall hazards may be overlooked in a busy “get it done” atmosphere, contractors and employees are exposed to known hazards as part of their daily routine. A fall protection system […]

What Is An S.I.T.? S.I.T. is the acronym for Scaffold Inspection & Testing Agency. An S.I.T. agency holds a valid Certificate of Approval from the California Division of Occupational Safety & Health (Cal-DOSH) to inspect and certify EBM equipment and produce OPOS documents. General Industry Safety Orders (G.I.S.O.), Sections 3282(p)(1) and 3296(b)(1) describe an S.I.T. An S.I.T. makes certain all equipment […]

I need a what? “Operating Procedures Outline Sheet” (OPOS) We talk with many Owners and Property Managers of high rise buildings. They have usually called us because they need their Exterior Building Maintenance equipment inspected or repaired. As we talk with them about their building, we ask about the building’s OPOS. The usual response is “A […]

Safety Includes What You Can’t See A vital component to a building’s safety protocol is regular and rigorous maintenance. One service that Lynn Safety provides is thorough engineered load testing of the Exterior Building Maintenance Equipment (EBM). Professional organizations, regulatory agencies, and field experts recommend testing this equipment on a schedule of five to ten […]