Outrigger SystemOutrigger System
Designed and engineered an outrigger system to allow access over a barrel roof. We then provided the building with a permanent powered platform to complete the existing davit system.

CA OSHA / Fed OSHA ComplianceCA OSHA / Fed OSHA Compliance
We designed a four-wire permanent powered platform and stabilization system for an existing davit system to bring the building into compliance with OSHA Safety Standards.

Pull Testing & CertificationPull Testing & Certification
Installed rods into the parapet wall and performed pull testing of rods, according to engineered protocol. Anchors were then installed over the rods to be used for the tie-back of safety lines and working lines for window cleaners, using Controlled Descent Equipment. The anchors, after installation, were tested and certified for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance use.

Load Testing & CertificationLoad Testing & Certification
Lynn Safety provides load testing, according to an engineered protocol, to certify the existing davit system for exterior building maintenance, which includes the industries of window cleaning, painting, caulking, and glazing.

Fall ProtectionFall Protection
We installed a required guardrail on the roof to prevent workers and building personnel from falling over the edge. As always, all guardrails were powder-coated for long lasting protection and aesthetics.

Building personnel received fall protection training… Lynn Safety also offers Competent Person Training in a classroom, using a power point presentation, discussion, and written test, for workers that use suspended access equipment. Workers are issued a certificate of participation and a wallet card.

Site specific or Onsite Training of Equipment on the building is also offered. This benefits the workers using the equipment on the building as they have clarity of the building owner expectations with the equipment, are informed of the methods and procedures contained in the OPOS and the fall protection requirements while working on the building.

Turnkey ServiceTurnkey Service
We designed, engineered, fabricated, installed, inspected, tested, and certified an outrigger system for exterior building maintenance use. Safety tieback anchors were installed into the roof while the building was under construction. We then provided the building with a permanent powered platform to bring the building into OSHA compliance.